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William A. Miller II

William A. Miller II

The one refund I have had to make occurred for a sale I made on Jul 8, 2013 at 15:03:08 PDT. The full refund was issued on Jul 8, 2013 at 18:53:52 PDT after I received the following support ticket! ===========================================================================================

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Name: Brian XXXX
Dept: Support

Pat yourself on the back Mr. Miller becuase you are the 1st person to screw me out of money online.How?PAYPAL BOOSTER PROFESSIONAL!!What a fucking joke!!Selling people a product that isn't a product.It's an outlined plan to scam people,with screenshots included.How do you sleep at night?For some reason I thought you were honest because you seem to be respected in the community.Guess that is what I get for thinking.There is NO reason for me to believe that you will stand behind your refund policy,so I guess I am just out $2.99.But I promise you that I will make sure that it is the worst $2.99 you ever made.Oh,and feel free to delete this account.I don't care to be associated with your kind in any way,shape,or form.

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I responded back with the the following refund:

Apparently Brian didn't like the product; and I can understand that, as no product ever made is exactly what everyone wants. But Brian apparently felt that since it didn't meet his particular needs, not only would he vent personally at and to me in the support ticket; he needed to go to war and decided to engage in slander and or defamation on his web site which at the time I am writting this, can be seen at: UPDATE: Apparently Brian has reconsidered his position and has removed from his blog the slanderous and or defaming remarks as well as his offer to give away for free the product that he purchased from me.

And even though he immediatly received a full refund he decided to not only keep the product, but to give it away for free. Most people I know would consider buying something, getting a full refund, and then still using it for ones own perceived benifit, as stealing. I will let you decide for yourself. If you decide that you would rather get what I am offering for free and choose to deal with the likes of Brian, then by all means take him up on his offer to give away stolen property.

I made a 100% Risk Free Offer with a 60 day complete money back guarentee. And I stand by guarentee. Even when the person desiring the refund not only dislikes the product for what ever reason, but even when that person attempts to smear my other online enterprises. If you purchase the product from me and for what ever reason you decide within that 60 days that you want a refund, just contact me at:!!